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Dream On!

The 5th Annual Juried Exhibition


          Jason Hanasik, Steven in a bed of flowers (2008)

Closing Reception: Saturday, January 31st, 4-6pm

Work by: Marisa Aragona, David Cicerone, Mikael Gaspay, Jason Gowans, Jason Hanasik,
Dmitriy Kustov, Amy Wing Fong Lee, Liz Maher, John K Melvin, Piero Passacantando,
Laura Plageman, Jessica Rosen, Gareth Spor, James Tantum, Chris Thorson,
Izumi Yokoyama and collaborative works by Teresa Cunniff & Gary R. Weisberg,
and Skye Thorstenson & Travis Mathews

Juried by:
Clark Buckner (Director/Curator, MISSION 17)
Joseph del Pesco (Curator-at-large, Artists Space, New York)
Laura Mott (Assistant Director/Curator, MISSION 17)
Susan O'Malley (Assistant Curator, The San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art)

Dreams have long been celebrated as sources of inspiration and analogues for artworks. In dreams we see that the world might be otherwise, that oppressive forces might be overcome, and that our wishes might be fulfilled. But the dreams that have driven the development of the modern world have resulted, to the contrary, in previously unimaginable nightmares. We live in a world where genocide has become commonplace, where the necessary conditions for life on earth are threatened by our own actions, and where there seems to be no limit to our exploitation of one another.

Is it naïve now to dream--a disavowal of the conflicts that in fact define our condition? Or has the need to dream become more urgent than ever?

For MISSION 17's 5th Annual Juried Exhibition titled Dream On!--with both the sarcasm and sincerity implied by the phrase--we invited artists to submit work in response to the imperative.



   Visual/Cultural Criticism Residency

Cultural Critics:  Publish and exhibit your research through our residency program!

Deadline: November 1, 2008

    The M17 Video Archive

Video Artists:  Submit your work to The M17 Video Archive, a curated collection of single-channel video art, which will be available for public viewing "on-demand," beginning in January, 2009.


Amy Wing Fong Lee, Wingwall Lamb, 2008

Jason Gowans, Suddenly a Black Hole Appeared in the Centre of my Studio. So I Gathered up all my Strength and Jumped In