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The Man Behind The Curtain

The Man Behind The Curtain Joseph del Pesco, Art In America, July 2, 2009

Behind The Curtain Kevin Killian, SFMOMA Open Space, June 2009

The Man Behind the Curtain Matthew Rana, Shotgun Review, June 2009

Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain Michelle Y. Hyun, ArtSlant, June 2009


     CantoSF Katie Farrell, ArtSlant, February 2009

Cantocore: Free on Board Tonya Warner, Percolator Magazine, February 2009


imPOSSIBLE! 8 Chinese Artists Engage Absurdity Happenstand, February 2009

imPOSSIBLE: Show of Young Chinese Artists Reyhan Harmanci, SFGate, February 2009


Dream On!

"Dream On!" Matthew Rana, Shotgun Review, December 2008

"Dream On!"  Johnny Ray Huston, San Francisco Bay Guardian, December 2008

"Mission 17 presents Dream On!" Marisa Nakasone, SF Examiner, December 2008

Depleted Selves

"The Eyes Have It" Traci Vogel, SF Weekly, November 2008

KPFA 94.1FM Radio Interview with Cheryl Meeker Host Aimee Allison, The Morning Show, November 2008

The Land Of A Million Cereals

"The Land of a Million Cereals: A Mixed Media Installation by Ryan Alexiev" Traci Vogel, SF Weekly, June 2008

Local Artist of the Week: Ryan Alexiev San Francisco Bay Guardian, June 2008

"The Land of a Million Cereals" Dan Bollwinkel, Not For Tourists Guide to San Francisco, June 2008

"Breakfast Surreal" Toulouse Le Plot, The Sun, August 2008

"The Land of A Million Cereals at Mission 17" Catherine McCulloch, SF Foodie, June 2008

Jonestown Had A Garden

San Francisco Bay Guardian

Amidst the Ruins

"Amidst the Ruins at MISSION 17" Tonya Warner, Percolator Magazine, March 2008

"Show at Mission 17 Deconstructs Destruction" Traci Vogel, SF Weekly, March 2008

Danger Girl

"Eileen Starr Moderbacher at MISSION 17" Lindsey Westbrook, Artweek, April 2008

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"David Kwan's Emergence at MISSION 17" Marc Weidenbaum, Disquiet, November 2007

The Party's Over

"Chow Nasty gets arty with The Party's Over" Jennifer Maerz, SF Weekly, June 2007

Blabbable Doodads

"Raindrops on Roses: Pleasures when Scared Shitless" Sonya Derman, Stretcher, June 2007

"Hwang and Dym at Mission 17" Bob Callaway, Art Fever, May 2007

Imaginary Souveniers

KQED Arts: Profile - Scott Kildall

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"Anti/Social at Mission 17," Sarah Lockhart, Shotgun Review, December 2006

A Vlog is a Vlog

"Video Killed the Blog," Hiya Swanhuyser, SF Weekly, October, 2006


"Coprophagiology," Johnny Ray Huston, San Francisco Bay Guardian, September, 2006

Wouldn't it be Nice

"Wouldn't it be Nice," Jeremy Walsh, Paradise Post, July, 2006

"Artist Kawaoka Featured at Mission 17 Gallery," The Hokubei Mainichi News, July 21, 2006

As the Butterfly Said to Chuang Tzu

"Michael Zheng at MISSION 17", Colin Berry, Art Week, August, 2006

"Michael Zheng at MISSION 17", Scott Oliver, Shotgun Reviews, June, 2006

Mark v. Mark

"Artbeat", Maya Kroth, SF Weekly, April 2006


"Cronyism at MISSION 17," Rebecca Miller, Shotgun Reviews, February, 2006

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E Pluribus Unam

"E Pluribus Unam at MISSION 17," Steve Lambert, Shotgun Reviews, October, 2005

Irreconcilable Differences

"leonardogillesfleur at MISSION 17," Scott Oliver, Shotgun Reviews, September, 2005

South Side

"Fanfare", Jamie Winborne, San Francisco Observer, April, 2005

Tracey Snelling at MISSION 17, Glen Helfand, Artforum.com, April 10th, 2005

"Diorama Life," Sharon Mizota, SF Weekly, April 27th, 2005

We All Must Play Our Parts

"Droll Art Aims to Discomfit Commerce," Kenneth Baker, San Francisco Chronicle, March 19th, 2005

Together We Can Prevent Earthquakes

"Tucker Nichols at MISSION 17," Colin Berry Artweek, February, 2005

"Together We Can Prevent Earthquakes," Jane Ganahi, SF Chronicle, January, 2005

By Any Means UnNecessary

"By Any Means UnNecessary," Alison Bing, SF Gate, January, 2005

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Happy Pack

"Happy Pack," Alison Bing, SF Gate, September, 2004

Other Selves

"Other Selves," Jesse Hamlin, SF Chronicle, December 9th, 2003

"Other Selves," Abe Orden, Stretcher.org, December 2003

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