2111 Mission Street
Suite 401
San Francisco 94110

Installations, Sculpture, and Photography by:
Monica Canilao
Jay Nelson
Ahndraya Parlato
Gabrielle Wolodarski

Curated by Libby Werbel

July 22nd - August 27th, 2005

Opening Reception: Friday, July 22nd, 6 - 9 p.m

Is the place where you live comfortable? How does personal space translate into public view? In this show, four artists investigate the fantasies and vulnerabilities at play in our ideals of home.

Monica Canilao’s forts and enclosures look like structures built by a child with what she found in her parents’ closet. Under close attention, these loose arrangements of paintings, drawings, collages, hung fabric and tea bags divulge an intimate view into how buildings and other edifices hold memories.

Jay Nelson’s installations of tree houses are inspired by his experience of building and living in one during a stay in Hawaii. His houses exhibit the utility of lived-in structures, while still retaining a magical innocence. For Comfort, Nelson develops past his typical tree houses to create, what he takes to be, an ideal living situation.

Ahndraya Parlato’s series of photographs, “Inscapes,” explores the ways in which people forge connections to others and to the world around them. Her photos often depict a slightly altered reality, highlighting uncanny relationships with haunting subtlety and unrest. She creates a tension between the privacy of her own experience and the undeniable breach of the viewer’s.

Gabrielle Wolodarski explores the limits and possibilities of articulating private matters in public settings. She spent the last month living in an installation at a gallery in Portland, and for Comfort has created a piece, which attempts to articulate this experience of living and creating in front of other people.



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