2111 Mission Street
Suite 401
San Francisco 94110

Budget Gallery All-Stars

Cynthia Yardley - photocollage
Adam Connelly - painting
Steve Lambert - drawing
Jetro Martinez - printmaking
Tucker Nichols - window drawing
Annie Vought - painting

April 23rd - May 15th

The Budget Gallery is a guerilla art collective that stages spontaneous art exhibitions in public spaces. They maintain a democratic commitment to exhibiting the work of any interested artists, but require that artists relinquish the work to be either sold, stolen, or abandoned at the openning. Their shows challenge the commodity-fetishism that plagues the art world, and reclaim public spaces from the hedgemony of commercial images. The Budget Gallery All-Stars show at Mission 17 was organized and openned in conjunction with “open-studios” events at two local art studios, The Blue Studio and Art Explosion.

Co-Curator: Steve Lambert


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