2111 Mission Street
Suite 401
San Francisco 94110

Evolution of Atrophy
Featuring work by:
Taylor Tschider, Bernie Sale, Trisha Gum, Lauren Schuppe, KC Skinner, and Juliette Oken

Curated by:
Leia Casey, Audrey Penven, Gilpin Matthews, and Megan Semple

July 20th - August 18th, 2007

Physically, our bodies are constantly changing. They grow stronger with exercise, and weaker with exhaustion - all the while undergoing a gradual decline in vitality as we age. Other changes we consciously inflict upon ourselves: we change the color of our hair, get new tattoos; or, with plastic surgery, change the shapes of our faces. And still other physical changes exist only in our imaginations, or perhaps in the future: sewing together body parts, transforming arms into guitars.

Evolution of Atrophy explores all of these changes: the purposeful, the fantastical, and the inevitable. What happens during transformations and, specifically, at that instant when we know a change has taken place? How do we cope with transitions, which disconnect us from the past and leave us uncertain about the future? And how do we manifest, or otherwise suffer these changes, physically.

The exhibition presents works of sculpture and mixed media that examine the complexities of the ever-changing human form. Lauren Schuppe and Bernie Sale present almost biological studies, which focus on what exists in our body but we cannot see. Trisha Gum's mixed media pieces depict characters coping with the limitations of the body. And Taylor Tschider, KC Skinner, and Juliette Oken create work that acts as if there will be no deterioration, no atrophy, instead only fantastical metamorphoses.





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